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History & Recycling of Aluminum

Recycle scrap aluminumAlthough aluminum is the most abundant metal on Earth, it easily combines with elements such as oxygen and silicon, and isn’t found as a simple metal on it’s own. That could be why it wasn’t discovered and confirmed until the early 1800’s. A clay compound heavy in aluminum called bauxite has been used since 5300 B.C., but simple aluminum wasn’t produced or used until after the industrial revolution had kicked manufacturing into a new gear around 1900.

These days, aluminum of all kinds is being replaced and recycled, and it’s used in everything from wiring, furniture, construction, and containers. Aluminum is one of the scrap metals most often recycled, and Mann Metals is pleased to purchase yours.

Mann Metals buys scrap metal, including aluminum scrap, and recycles it. If your company produces large amounts of turnings, filings, or other scrap aluminum, please contact us about arranging pick up. For smaller amounts of the metal, please bring it into our facility.

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