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Michigan Proud

michigan proudMann Metals Corp is an American company, owned and operated locally here in Walled Lake, Michigan.

Michigan is the heart of American industry, and Mann Metals is proud to work closely with Michigan’s industrial entrepreneurs in pipefitting, welding, machine tool installation and repair, line assembly, robotics, in the automotive, shipping, fabricating, and defense industries.

We are proud to say that we help many of Michigan’s finest businesses, small and large, increase profitability, reduce costs, and go greener by purchasing their scrap metals for recycling. We offer fair market value, prompt payment, and we’ll even help analyze what to recycle, how much, and the optimal logistics for your individual company.

Contact us for more information about how to begin recycling your scrap, and how to get top dollar for every piece!

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Spring Fix-ups Can Mean Money in Your Pocket!

recycle springHome improvements can be expensive, and it’s the time of year many families are thinking of updating their homes and planning for warmer weather. Some of those same home improvements can generate cash in your hand from Mann Metals Corp!

We buy a variety of residential scrap metal, many of which are discarded in roll-off containers at job sites everywhere. Don’t throw away money! Recycle your discarded aluminum siding, gutters, doors, and patio furniture. Simply remove and discard any glass, and bring the metal to Mann Metals, where we pay fair market value promptly. It’s easy, and can take the sting out of the cost of a remodel.

Remodeling the interior of your home? We recycle various lighting equipment (no glass), insulated wiring, aluminum wiring, outdated furnace and air conditioning ducts and motors, and even some older appliances and stainless steel or cast iron fixtures. Contact us, we’re happy to tell you exactly what we do and do not purchase for recycling.

When you think spring fix-ups, don’t forget to plan to recoup some of the cost by selling your scrap metal to Mann Metals Corp!

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Manufacturing Companies Sell Scrap Metal

stainless-steel-manufacturingManufacturing companies love Mann Metals Corp. They love that we offer top prices for all kinds of scrap metals. They love our excellent customer service. But most of all, they love that by selling their scrap metal to us, they can assure their customers and end users that a certain percentage of metal in their manufacturing process is recycled. Less waste, greener company, great advertising point, and best of all, extra money for their bottom line.

No matter what you manufacture, you’re likely to have scrap metal at the end of the day. Metal filings, scrap wire, and other scrap metal is easily and profitably recycled with Mann Metals. Contact us if you think you’ll need to schedule containers and pick-up service, or if you have any questions about recycling your company’s aluminum, copper, ferrous metal, e-waste, or other recyclables.

If our blog articles have been useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!

Got storm damage?

storm damage recyclingDespite hitting the East Coast, effects from Hurricane Sandy & the Super Storm were felt as far as Michigan. High winds damaged trees, fences, siding, roofs, cars, and lawn and patio furniture all over our area. Whether you’re a contractor removing debris, or a homeowner doing it yourself, consider recycling your scrap metal at Mann Metals Corp. We pay top dollar for your scrap aluminum, steel, iron, copper and other metals. Aluminum siding, fencing, copper flashing, ferrous metal of all kinds, all can be sold to Mann Metals for cash.

For more information, please contact Mann Metals Corp., and we’ll be happy to answer your scrap metal questions today.

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Going Greener? Let Your Customers Know!

Scrap metal recycling with Mann Metals Corp is a great way of going green, and it pays! Mann Metals provides top prices and prompt payments, making it easy and attractive to recycle your scrap metal.

Many consumers, both Baby Boomer and Millennial, are going greener themselves, and are looking to purchase goods and services from companies making the same efforts. We found a terrific article on promoting green businesses on, with information provided by the BBB.
Visit their site and read all about it!

Entrepreneur Magazine says it’s not easy going green, but they’ve got great ideas on how to appeal to your customer, and how to promote your company as eco-friendly. This article can help you get started!

Contact Mann Metals Corp with any questions about what type of metals we accept, and if you think you might have enough volume to need a roll off container or scheduled pick-up.

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Go Green by Recycling with Mann Metals!

Mann Metals - Your Recycling PartnerAre you a business owner looking to increase sales and capitalize on the “green” trend?

Mann Metals can be your partner in attracting eco-aware customers in a reduce-reuse-recycle sales campaign!

If you sell metal tools, objects, or electronic devices, consider running an eco-friendly promotion where customers can turn in their old tool, object, or device to get a small discount on a new one. All customers will be attracted by the price, and your “green” customers will be doubly attracted to your promotion by the recycling of old materials.

Mann Metals is pleased to purchase old computers, phones, certain types of batteries, metal tools and objects such as lawn furniture, fencing, auto parts, and motors. Contact us to find out what scrap we purchase, and plan your “green” sales promotion around accepting the scrap we will buy and recycle.

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Mann Metals provides top prices and prompt payment.

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