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Energy Efficient Lighting = Savings, Rebates & Recycling Dollars in Your Pocket

There has never been a better time to consider lowering your business overhead by reducing energy costs. Due to legislation requiring power companies to demonstrate a reduced use of electricity for increased efficiency, both the power companies and the government are offering rebates and incentives. And while you enjoy the lowered cost of new lighting, recycle the scrap from your old fluorescent lighting system at Mann Metals.

Mann Metals recycles many parts of your lighting system, including the ballast, transformer, and aluminum housing and wiring…so save some cash while installing your lighting, and earn some more by replacing and then selling your old lights in your business or warehouse. It’s cash from us for the scrap metal, and years of savings on your power bill, too.

Recently, we at Mann Metals replaced our old 400w lighting with new, more energy efficient 200w lights that are considerably brighter, and the new system cut our lighting energy costs in half. Results and rebates will vary depending on what lighting you choose, your timing, and the rebates and incentives available to you, but this kind of savings is worth investigating!

To find out more about what rebates are available in your area, we suggest the energy star website, and DTE Energy, or go to the US Department of Energy to find out what cost savings are being offered now.

If our blog articles have been useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!

Selling Scrap Metal is Good for Your Business

Mann Metals knows that by selling scrap metal for recycling, you can advertise to customers that you’re more eco-friendly, more green. This target audience of “green” consumers may be especially hard to reach if your industry isn’t known for eco-consciousness! Auto-body shops, contractors, plumbers, and other businesses want a greener, cleaner image to attract those eco-friendly customers.

Need ideas on how to get the word out? Read on!

Put a simple card on your window or counter: “We Recycle” or “Going Greener: Ask us how!” Use recycled paper or cardstock if possible…but a simple note to customers that you make the effort to recycle is meaningful.

Have a website or blog? Send emails or newsletters? Add an article about your efforts to go greener, and make sure you mention all your efforts: recycling scrap metal; using less paper, energy and water; and purchasing greener products. We’re all reducing, reusing, and recycling. Tell customers about it!

When advertising, simply add the phrase “We recycle.” It’s short, to the point, and is meaningful to consumers. Add the same simple phrase to the bottom of your estimate, invoices, business cards, and promotional materials. It informs and promotes loyalty.

Mann Metals is proud to be part of your efforts to go greener and save money. Please contact us to arrange pick-up of bulk scrap metal, or with any questions.

If our blog articles are useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!

Go Greener & Save Money This Year!

Happy New Year!

Have you resolved to go greener this year?

Save money?

Grow your business and attract new clients and customers?

Don’t let those plans slide away from you in 2012. Let Mann Metals be an important part of keeping your resolutions!

Going greener: Recycle what you can. Most cities have collection for paper, plastic, and glass. We buy recyclable metals. Copper, stainless steel, aluminum, x-ray film (see size limit), nickel, cast iron, plus e-waste like computers, printers, motherboards, cell phones, and phone systems. Individuals can feel good about keeping their eco-friendly resolutions. Businesses can advertise to consumers about being a “greener” company this year.

Save money: Tossing recyclable metals is like throwing money in the garbage. The leftover copper wire cluttering up your shop, the old cast iron sink in the garage, and the outdated computers and broken printers in your office closet are worth money. A penny saved is a penny earned, and who doesn’t count pennies these days? Sell your scrap metal and avoid cluttering the landfill with items that could earn you cash. Contact Mann Metals for questions, or for pick-ups of larger amounts of scrap metal.

Grow your business and attract new clients and customers? Really? Yes! Consumers care about the environment, and many prefer companies that are eco-friendly and eco-aware. When you sell scrap to Mann Metals, you’re not just money-smart, you can advertise that you’ve recycled to attract “green” customers to your business. Advertise with pride: You recycle!

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Metals Are Not a Renewable Resource

Reflective Scrap Metal Recycling Sign

Metals are not a renewable resource. They are found in rock, called ore, which is a part of the earth’s crust. There is a finite amount of metal in the earth, and there is a financial and environmental cost to mining and refining it into a usable product.

To make metal, ore is identified in the bedrock, mined, broken up and ground down into tiny particles which are then separated into the desirable metal and gangue, or the leftover rock and minerals. Metals are separated and removed from ore with magnets, chemicals such as sulfuric acid, or with heat. Vast amounts of resources are used to mine and refine these virgin metals. There is also a cost to the environment while mining and refining, even though damage is monitored and limited very carefully these days.

Recycled metal is unusable waste or scrap metal that is carefully separated by type, and then melted down either alone or with other raw materials, and poured, cooled and shaped into metal that can be used again to create new products. Recycling means less ore must be mined and processed to meet the demands of consumers and manufacturers. It also means that the energy and environmental impact of the mining happens once, while the metal is used again and again.

Recycling your scrap metal from your business or home doesn’t make metal a renewable resource, but it does make the best possible use of the metal we have!

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