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Energy Efficient Lighting = Savings, Rebates & Recycling Dollars in Your Pocket

There has never been a better time to consider lowering your business overhead by reducing energy costs. Due to legislation requiring power companies to demonstrate a reduced use of electricity for increased efficiency, both the power companies and the government are offering rebates and incentives. And while you enjoy the lowered cost of new lighting, recycle the scrap from your old fluorescent lighting system at Mann Metals.

Mann Metals recycles many parts of your lighting system, including the ballast, transformer, and aluminum housing and wiring…so save some cash while installing your lighting, and earn some more by replacing and then selling your old lights in your business or warehouse. It’s cash from us for the scrap metal, and years of savings on your power bill, too.

Recently, we at Mann Metals replaced our old 400w lighting with new, more energy efficient 200w lights that are considerably brighter, and the new system cut our lighting energy costs in half. Results and rebates will vary depending on what lighting you choose, your timing, and the rebates and incentives available to you, but this kind of savings is worth investigating!

To find out more about what rebates are available in your area, we suggest the energy star website, and DTE Energy, or go to the US Department of Energy to find out what cost savings are being offered now.

If our blog articles have been useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!

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