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Go Green by Recycling with Mann Metals!

Mann Metals - Your Recycling PartnerAre you a business owner looking to increase sales and capitalize on the “green” trend?

Mann Metals can be your partner in attracting eco-aware customers in a reduce-reuse-recycle sales campaign!

If you sell metal tools, objects, or electronic devices, consider running an eco-friendly promotion where customers can turn in their old tool, object, or device to get a small discount on a new one. All customers will be attracted by the price, and your “green” customers will be doubly attracted to your promotion by the recycling of old materials.

Mann Metals is pleased to purchase old computers, phones, certain types of batteries, metal tools and objects such as lawn furniture, fencing, auto parts, and motors. Contact us to find out what scrap we purchase, and plan your “green” sales promotion around accepting the scrap we will buy and recycle.

Mention our blog the next time you visit Mann Metals. Let us know what you think.

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