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Go Green & Recycle Your Christmas Lights!

Recycle Christmas LightsThe holidays are here, and it’s time to drag out the strings of holiday lights and see if they work. If they fail to light up, don’t throw them out! Mann Metals will take any type of string lights and pay you for them! String lights have copper wire inside the coating, which is worth cash to us. So look around your home or business, and find those old strings of lights, insulated wire and cords and bring them in.

Considering going greener with your holiday displays? Many businesses and homeowners are discarding the older incandescent holiday lights and replacing them with the more efficient and brighter LED holiday lights. When you do, bring the old ones down to Mann Metals…the money you earn from selling the scrap copper will lower your cost of purchasing the new lights…a doubly good eco-friendly idea!

Contact Mann Metals, and we’ll let you know which kinds of wire and lights we buy, plus, we can give you more ideas of what scrap metal we purchase, and what the current scrap metal prices are today.

Happy Holidays!

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