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Manns Metals Corp Buys Metal Fencing

Good fences make good neighbors.
-Robert Frost

Fencing manufacturers and installers know that good fences DO make good neighbors! They keep pets and children safe, keep intruders out, and make property lines clear and simple. Wise business owners also know that Mann Metals pays top dollar for your fencing scrap. Why not make money from your scrap today?

In addition to the extra money from your scrap, you’re also recycling and saving precious resources like water, energy, and fossil fuels. Recycling your scrap with Mann Metals Corp. is a great way to go greener and more eco-friendly. Customers appreciate knowing that their old fencing and the scrap created during manufacture and installation is being recycled. It’s a great advertising point for your company!

Feel free to contact Mann Metals today for more information, or to schedule a container and pickup service.

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