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Industrial and Commercial Partnerships

Mann Metals Corp is interested in partnering with your company to develop a customized recycling plan tailored to your needs and industry. We can help further your efforts to optimize efficiencies and profits and reduce waste. We offer an onsite analysis of your metal waste and can tell you exactly what is possible and profitable to recycle.Mann Metals offers flexible handling and logistics solutions, competitive fair market prices, and unparalleled customer service. We make it easy to reap the benefits of recycling your scrap metal and e-waste.

We purchase a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, including stainless steel, carbide, copper, aluminum, brass, nickel alloy, electric motors, insulated wiring, and more. Contact us for more information about what we can do for you!

For smaller shops, we suggest collecting and dropping off your materials yourself at our Walled Lake facility. Larger businesses can order a roll-off container, or for the largest accounts, we schedule pick-up services tailored to your needs and schedule.

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Manns Metals Corp Buys Metal Fencing

Good fences make good neighbors.
-Robert Frost

Fencing manufacturers and installers know that good fences DO make good neighbors! They keep pets and children safe, keep intruders out, and make property lines clear and simple. Wise business owners also know that Mann Metals pays top dollar for your fencing scrap. Why not make money from your scrap today?

In addition to the extra money from your scrap, you’re also recycling and saving precious resources like water, energy, and fossil fuels. Recycling your scrap with Mann Metals Corp. is a great way to go greener and more eco-friendly. Customers appreciate knowing that their old fencing and the scrap created during manufacture and installation is being recycled. It’s a great advertising point for your company!

Feel free to contact Mann Metals today for more information, or to schedule a container and pickup service.

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Manufacturing Companies Sell Scrap Metal

stainless-steel-manufacturingManufacturing companies love Mann Metals Corp. They love that we offer top prices for all kinds of scrap metals. They love our excellent customer service. But most of all, they love that by selling their scrap metal to us, they can assure their customers and end users that a certain percentage of metal in their manufacturing process is recycled. Less waste, greener company, great advertising point, and best of all, extra money for their bottom line.

No matter what you manufacture, you’re likely to have scrap metal at the end of the day. Metal filings, scrap wire, and other scrap metal is easily and profitably recycled with Mann Metals. Contact us if you think you’ll need to schedule containers and pick-up service, or if you have any questions about recycling your company’s aluminum, copper, ferrous metal, e-waste, or other recyclables.

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Happy Holiday & Recycling Lights

Recycle Christmas Lights Decorating
Warm wishes for a joyous holiday season from Mann Metals Corporation!

All too soon, the new year will be here, and it will be time to pack away the holiday decorations at your home and business. As you take them down and choose whether to keep or discard your holiday lights, please keep in mind that Mann Metals buys all kinds of scrap metal, including string lights of all kinds!

If you are planning to toss your old incandescent holiday string lights and take advantage of sale prices on energy efficient, long lasting LED lights, bring us the old ones…even the non-working strings are worth cash at Mann Metals! Copper wire is valuable. Offset the cost of new lights, by selling the old ones for scrap.

Contact Mann Metals with any questions about recycling and selling holiday string lights, and for our current copper prices!

Enjoy your holidays, and have a very Happy New Year!

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What Can You Do with Your Scrap Metal Money?

We know that both our residential and commercial customers could put the money they’ll get from selling their scrap metal to very good use. Mann Metals Corp provides top prices and prompt payment for all your scrap metal.

Here’s some ideas on what you could do with those scrap metal dollars!

Business owners could…

  1. Advertise! Purchase an ad for your business about how you’re going greener.
  2. Get creative. Order custom signage that shows that your shop recycles.
  3. Be practical. Use the extra cash to improve the business
  4. Boost morale! Create a “Take your employees to lunch” day!
  5. Boost productivity. Upgrade your tools, computer, or coffeemaker!
  6. Get proactive. Start a “rainy day” fund for the business.

Residential customers could…

  1. Be parental. Add it to your children’s college funds
  2. Be extravagant. Holiday fund…better presents for everyone, even you!
  3. Get creative. Pay for lessons you’ve always wanted to learn; French, piano, or scuba diving!
  4. Get busy. Create a bucket-list fund, and DO the items on your list. Skydiving anyone?
  5. Be proactive. Start a “rainy day” fund, or take action on a needed home repair.
  6. Be practical. Add to your retirement fund.

Mann Metals Corp buys and recycles all kinds of scrap metals found in homes and businesses everywhere. Please contact us to find out more.

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Start Your Dream Backyard Fund by Recycling Metal

Recycle old BBQ
Fall is ending and winter is on its way. It’s the time of year when homeowners everywhere are cleaning up their yards and gardens, tidying up for a long winter season…and beginning to dream of next year’s barbecues, gardening, outdoor dining, and entertaining.

Are you looking at that worn out grill or patio furniture and trying to decide if it’s finally time to throw it away and start new next spring? Just because it’s falling apart doesn’t mean it’s worthless! Bring your old metal grills, lawn furniture, and fencing down to Mann Metals Corp. and get paid for your scrap! We pay top dollar for aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, and other metal scrap.

Start planning for your new patio set, grill, or fence by recycling the old stuff for cash! Start that new “Dream Backyard” fund today with money from Mann Metals for your scrap.

Contact Mann Metals Corp. for more information about what items we’ll buy.

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Mann Metals provides top prices and prompt payment.

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