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Got storm damage?

storm damage recyclingDespite hitting the East Coast, effects from Hurricane Sandy & the Super Storm were felt as far as Michigan. High winds damaged trees, fences, siding, roofs, cars, and lawn and patio furniture all over our area. Whether you’re a contractor removing debris, or a homeowner doing it yourself, consider recycling your scrap metal at Mann Metals Corp. We pay top dollar for your scrap aluminum, steel, iron, copper and other metals. Aluminum siding, fencing, copper flashing, ferrous metal of all kinds, all can be sold to Mann Metals for cash.

For more information, please contact Mann Metals Corp., and we’ll be happy to answer your scrap metal questions today.

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Yes, There’s an App for Recycling, Too!

Alcoa has released an iPhone/iPad App for our residential and commercial customers interested in recycling aluminum cans. The Aluminate App gives you tools to keep track of your recycling, and tells you how much money you may earn by taking them to your nearest recycling center, such as Mann Metals Corp.

The App is free, and allows you to set a goal, track your progress, and gives you the ability to call Mann Metals and ask about our scrap aluminum prices…and then add the current price to the App for better accuracy on how much you can earn with your scrap metal.

While we can’t help you navigate your new App, please do contact us with any questions about what scrap metal we purchase, or if you need a scheduled pick up or roll-off container.

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Going Greener? Let Your Customers Know!

Scrap metal recycling with Mann Metals Corp is a great way of going green, and it pays! Mann Metals provides top prices and prompt payments, making it easy and attractive to recycle your scrap metal.

Many consumers, both Baby Boomer and Millennial, are going greener themselves, and are looking to purchase goods and services from companies making the same efforts. We found a terrific article on promoting green businesses on, with information provided by the BBB.
Visit their site and read all about it!

Entrepreneur Magazine says it’s not easy going green, but they’ve got great ideas on how to appeal to your customer, and how to promote your company as eco-friendly. This article can help you get started!

Contact Mann Metals Corp with any questions about what type of metals we accept, and if you think you might have enough volume to need a roll off container or scheduled pick-up.

Mention our blog next time you visit Mann Metals Corp. Let us know what you think!

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel RecyclingStainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium, and doesn’t rust as easily as iron does. It can withstand exposure to air and moisture without discoloration, hence the term “stainless.” It’s a low-maintenance metal used in everything from surgical instruments, kitchens, appliances, and industrial surfaces. Mann Metals Corp. buys stainless steel from both residential and commercial sellers.

Residential customers may find they have scrap stainless steel in the form of appliances, cookware, flatware, backsplashes, countertops, etc. Some design elements such as switch plates and lamps are also made from stainless steel.

Commercial customers include all kinds of businesses, including restaurants, metal shops, factories, construction and contractors. Remodeling a commercial kitchen? There can be quite a bit of recyclable stainless steel in your demo. Find yourself with stainless steel scrap from installing custom stainless backsplashes, countertops, or design elements? Have scrap from fabricating custom stainless steel items? Have scrap sheet, plate castings, turnings,? We accept alloys 304, 309, 316, 330, and 409. Mann Metals Corp. is happy to buy it! We provide top prices and prompt payment every time.

If your company produces large amounts of scrap stainless steel, please contact us about arranging pick up. For smaller amounts of the metal, please bring it into our facility at your convenience.

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Nickel is a soft, white, shiny elemental metal that bonds so easily that it is only used as part of an alloy. It may be the most common alloying metal, often used in materials called “superalloys” or “high performance alloys.” It is also commonly used as corrosion prevention when “plating” or coating other metals. Thus the term “nickel-plated” referring to an object with a shiny white metallic surface.

Despite being alloys with many metals in them, the nickel alloys we purchase as scrap metal can be melted down and re-used as new nickel alloy fittings. This can be a great selling-point for eco-conscious or “green”consumers.

Mann Metals Corp buys several types of nickel alloy. If you’re unsure of what you have, or want to know more about what we buy, please contact us.

  • Hastelloy is a trademarked corrosion resistant alloy used in high-temperature, high-stress functions such as distillation or chemical reaction fittings.
  • Haynes 188 is another trademarked “superalloy” with nickel, chromium, tungsten, and colbalt. It is used for jet engine combustion chambers and other high-stress, high-temperature applications.
  • Inco 600, 625, 718 are all trademarked nickel alloys with chromium added. They are used in high-temperature applications.

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Brass is a metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. Because it’s made of two very soft metals found near the earth’s surface, it was one of the earliest alloys that humans began to make, along with bronze. Archaeologists believe that ancient Romans were the first to make and use brass around 3,000 BC.

Brass is a soft, easily molded, acoustically interesting, and beautifully shiny yellow metal. With all these strengths, brass has many uses including musical instruments, decorative fixtures, keys, sparkless fittings near flammable substances, and piping.

Mann Metals Corp. purchases several types of brass scrap for recycling. The brass is melted down and re-worked to create new brass objects. Please contact us if you aren’t sure which type of brass you have.

We purchase at top prices, with prompt payment!

  • Yellow Brass: This is an American term for brass that has 33% zinc.
  • Red Brass: Also known as copper alloy C23000, which is composed of 14–16% zinc, 0.05% iron and lead, and the rest of the allow is copper.
  • Bronze: A common name for gunmetal, this is a copper/tin/zinc alloy with 85% copper, 5% tin, 5% lead and 5% zinc.
  • Ampco Bronze: This is a brand name for AMPCO Metal SA’s products which are specialty copper alloys used for corrosion resistance, sparkless fittings, molds, welding, and other uses.
  • Auto Radiators: Most auto radiators contain brass alloys, and we do purchase scrap auto radiators.

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