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Nickel is a soft, white, shiny elemental metal that bonds so easily that it is only used as part of an alloy. It may be the most common alloying metal, often used in materials called “superalloys” or “high performance alloys.” It is also commonly used as corrosion prevention when “plating” or coating other metals. Thus the term “nickel-plated” referring to an object with a shiny white metallic surface.

Despite being alloys with many metals in them, the nickel alloys we purchase as scrap metal can be melted down and re-used as new nickel alloy fittings. This can be a great selling-point for eco-conscious or “green”consumers.

Mann Metals Corp buys several types of nickel alloy. If you’re unsure of what you have, or want to know more about what we buy, please contact us.

  • Hastelloy is a trademarked corrosion resistant alloy used in high-temperature, high-stress functions such as distillation or chemical reaction fittings.
  • Haynes 188 is another trademarked “superalloy” with nickel, chromium, tungsten, and colbalt. It is used for jet engine combustion chambers and other high-stress, high-temperature applications.
  • Inco 600, 625, 718 are all trademarked nickel alloys with chromium added. They are used in high-temperature applications.

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