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Printing Shops Save Money with Mann Metals

Owners and managers of Printing and Lithography shops may not know that they can recycle aluminum litho plates. The aluminum in the plates can be extracted, and aluminum is highly recyclable. Recycled aluminum is less expensive to produce, and in demand. Mann Metals will buy it at top local prices.

Why bother to collect and sell used plates?

Many shops find that it’s simple and easy, and selling their used plates is a way to recover some of their overhead costs, reduce waste costs, and go greener. Smaller shops designate a plate recycling bin and when it fills up, they bring it in to Mann Metals, Corp. for the best scrap prices in cash. Shops that do a high volume of business with a large amount of weekly or monthly scrap can contact Mann Metals for information on our containers and regular collection. Money saved and one more way to call your shop eco-friendly!

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