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Recycle Your Phone!

Remember when phones just made calls? With all the extra things phones do these days, and the constant innovations, many of us are replacing our old phones with new. Whether you’re talking home phone, office phone, or cell phones…there’s always a newer model that does even more for you or your business.

What are you planning to do with your obsolete phone, phone systems, or cell phones?

Mann Metals will buy your old phones for the scrap metals inside, and recycle them. So save your old phones, phone systems, even the wire! Box them up and bring them on down to us, and we’ll pay you for them. Don’t just chuck them in the dumpster! That’s the same as throwing cash away.

Worried about privacy? If your phone is still working, take a moment to delete contacts, stored caller ID information, and speed dial numbers. With cell phones, use the “delete all” function for both texts, numbers, and calls. DO make sure your information is transferred to your new phone BEFORE you delete from your old one! Now your information is gone, and you’re ready to recycle.

If you have a large phone system with many units and wiring to sell, contact Mann Metals to arrange pick up. Also, please contact us with any questions you have.

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