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Remodeling? Consider Recycling in Your Plans

Winter is the time to plan your home and business improvements, and home and business owners all across Michigan are making plans for improvements to the buildings and properties they own. When you think about remodeling or updating, you consider so many factors; price, mess, improved value, ease of use, and tax benefits, to name a few. Don’t forget to factor in recycling as you plan.

When a building or property is demolished, or when it is prepared for construction work, many recyclables can be involved. Mann Metals buys scrap metal, including copper wiring, sheet metal, cast iron, brass, aluminum, copper, and nickel. Many of these scrap metal categories are found when owners demolish or prepare buildings and properties for construction. Don’t junk that stuff until you ensure it’s not worth cash in your pocket!

Even turning new ground can yield scrap metal. Many older construction companies coiled excess copper wire or used cast iron or copper pipes and buried them underground decades ago. Contact us to find out what’s worth money as scrap metal. Save your container for true trash, and cash in on your scrap metals instead of paying to have it removed.

Contact Mann Metals to find out if the scrap metal you have is worth money. For large amounts, we can arrange pick up, and for smaller amounts, it’s still worth bringing to us yourself. You wouldn’t toss money into the dumpster, right? So don’t junk that scrap metal, either!

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