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Metals Are Not a Renewable Resource

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Metals are not a renewable resource. They are found in rock, called ore, which is a part of the earth’s crust. There is a finite amount of metal in the earth, and there is a financial and environmental cost to mining and refining it into a usable product.

To make metal, ore is identified in the bedrock, mined, broken up and ground down into tiny particles which are then separated into the desirable metal and gangue, or the leftover rock and minerals. Metals are separated and removed from ore with magnets, chemicals such as sulfuric acid, or with heat. Vast amounts of resources are used to mine and refine these virgin metals. There is also a cost to the environment while mining and refining, even though damage is monitored and limited very carefully these days.

Recycled metal is unusable waste or scrap metal that is carefully separated by type, and then melted down either alone or with other raw materials, and poured, cooled and shaped into metal that can be used again to create new products. Recycling means less ore must be mined and processed to meet the demands of consumers and manufacturers. It also means that the energy and environmental impact of the mining happens once, while the metal is used again and again.

Recycling your scrap metal from your business or home doesn’t make metal a renewable resource, but it does make the best possible use of the metal we have!

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3 Reasons Why Smart Businesses Recycle

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Many business owners think recycling metal is good for huge factories, and it is. But it can also be good for many small and medium sized businesses as well. Wondering if the benefits would outweigh any inconvenience? Our experience says it will! Here is a sample of benefits to recycling your scrap metals.

  1. Green is good. Americans are more aware than ever of their “carbon footprint” or the environmental impact of what they buy. The more ways you can identify your service or products as environmentally friendly, the better. Advertising that you recycle your scrap metal is another way to go green.
  2. Waste is expensive. While customers may not think about where your waste goes, as a business owner, you do. Waste services are expensive, and the fewer times you fill your dumpster, and the smaller it is, the less you spend to haul away trash. These days, cutting overhead is a national sport. You win when you recycle your scrap metal!
  3. Scrap pays. Tossing scrap metal in the dumpster is like throwing away a five. Doesn’t sound like much if it’s just once a year, but you may be tossing five every week. Makes you wince to think about throwing money in the landfill, doesn’t it? For small amounts of scrap metal, a bin brought to Mann Metals every month or week isn’t much inconvenience, and the dollars recovered for that “trash” add up. For large amounts of scrap metals, contact us about providing containers and pick-up.

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