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Autumn Home or Business Improvements

Recycle HVACIt’s that season again. The weather is cooling off, and the projects around your home or business are getting bigger. Are you preparing for the coming winter storms? They’ll be here before you know it, running up your heating bills and doing damage to older siding and windows.

Mann Metals Corp. would love to purchase your old scrap aluminum siding, fencing, windows, hvac system, or water heater. Contact us to find out if we recycle what you would normally throw away. We pay top prices for scrap metals!

And if you’re planning to replace your aluminum or cast iron fencing or patio furniture in the spring, why not start saving for it now? We pay cash for scrap aluminum and ferrous metals. Save money, save the environment, and start saving for more home or business improvements now.

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Clean Up Your Salvage Yard

We buy Salvage Yard Scrap MetalSalvage Yards take wrecks and junkers of all sorts and make them available to mechanics and Do-It-Yourself hobbyists who are looking for used parts for vintage beauties and older family cars. Mann Metals Corp. understands that you make more money when your acreage is full of useful wrecks with good parts available for your customers. Those picked-over junkers are just taking up space that could be devoted to the money-makers you find at auction. We can help you decrease overhead and increase sales!

Mann Metals pays competitive market prices for scrap metals, and offers prompt, reliable payment. Our unparalleled customer service includes roll-off containers and pickup for our customers with large amounts of scrap. We are looking for customers just like you!

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you keep your Salvage Yard clear of useless debris and open more room for additional money-making wrecks! Mention our blog the next time you visit Mann Metals Corp. Let us know what you think.

What Can You Do with Your Scrap Metal Money?

We know that both our residential and commercial customers could put the money they’ll get from selling their scrap metal to very good use. Mann Metals Corp provides top prices and prompt payment for all your scrap metal.

Here’s some ideas on what you could do with those scrap metal dollars!

Business owners could…

  1. Advertise! Purchase an ad for your business about how you’re going greener.
  2. Get creative. Order custom signage that shows that your shop recycles.
  3. Be practical. Use the extra cash to improve the business
  4. Boost morale! Create a “Take your employees to lunch” day!
  5. Boost productivity. Upgrade your tools, computer, or coffeemaker!
  6. Get proactive. Start a “rainy day” fund for the business.

Residential customers could…

  1. Be parental. Add it to your children’s college funds
  2. Be extravagant. Holiday fund…better presents for everyone, even you!
  3. Get creative. Pay for lessons you’ve always wanted to learn; French, piano, or scuba diving!
  4. Get busy. Create a bucket-list fund, and DO the items on your list. Skydiving anyone?
  5. Be proactive. Start a “rainy day” fund, or take action on a needed home repair.
  6. Be practical. Add to your retirement fund.

Mann Metals Corp buys and recycles all kinds of scrap metals found in homes and businesses everywhere. Please contact us to find out more.

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Mann Metals provides top prices and prompt payment.

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