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history of copper

Copper Metal History & Recycling

Copper MetalCopper was the very first metal to be mined and worked, as it is found near the earth’s surface, and is a soft metal that can be worked with simple tools. As early as 9,000 BC it was used in weapons, tools, and as ornaments in the Middle East. Mined as malachite, and smelted in kilns used for pottery, it was easier to find and work than was gold.

The price of copper has risen over the past few years, making it far more valuable than just a decade ago. And when the price of virgin copper rises, so does Mann Metal’s price for scrap copper. Please call or stop by for our current prices.

Mann Metals buys copper found in insulated wiring, small motors, plumbing, and in heating and cooling systems. Contact us to find out if the scrap copper you’d like to get rid of can earn you cash, too.

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