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Many parents and schools are updating old computers, calculators, and laptops and peripherals during this back-to-school season. Cut some of your costs by recycling your old electronics at Mann Metals Corp!

We recycle most electronics, including laptops, PCs, tablets, keyboards, wiring, speakers, monitors, mice, and even cell phones and many of the batteries for the above devices. Whether you are looking to come in and drop off a single box of scrap, or you need a container and pick-up for your school or business, contact us to find out if we recycle what you planned to throw away.

Go greener, save the planet, and save money. Get a great start to your new school year today!

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Get Cash for Old Computers

It’s approaching the end of the tax year for many businesses and taxpayers, and it’s time to evaluate whether to purchase new equipment for our homes or businesses. No matter if you’re looking to take advantage of the current tax year to write off new equipment at work, or you are buying super holiday gifts for the family: If you choose to buy new electronics, especially computers, save those old ones. Contact Mann Metals about selling that old computer equipment for cash before you pile them in your dumpster or at the curb. You throw cash away when you junk salable scrap metals!

Many of the computer “guts” have small amounts of recyclable metals inside. From gold to copper, there may be valuable recyclable metals in your junk. So turn your trash into cash, and stop by or give us a call, and we’ll let you know what to bring to Mann Metals to sell. Current scrap metal prices are available when you contact us.

Remember, this can be an important step for businesses trying to “go green” to appeal to the eco-minded consumer. Eco-friendly companies attract positive attention from consumers these days…so recycle those computers and metals, and advertise to your customers that your company is going “green”!

Mention our blog the next time you visit Mann Metals. Let us know what you think!


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