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Ferrous Scrap Metal Explained

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What is Ferrous Scrap Metal?

There are two categories of metals that are recycled. Ferrous, meaning that it contains iron, and is attracted to magnets, and nonferrous, meaning without iron. Ferrous metals are the most recycled and include steel, stainless steal, cast iron, and wrought iron. More ferrous scrap metal is recycled than any other kind, and it is the easiest and least expensive to recycle.

What do I have that contains recyclable ferrous scrap metals?

Mann Metals accepts steel clips, heavy melt, turnings, cast and sheet iron, and scrap steel from industrial clean up and demolition sites. Most of this is commercially or industrially produced. We also accept stainless steel countertops, sinks, and flatware.

Businesses large and small in the construction, demolition, plumbing, auto repair, welding, and fencing industries should definitely consider recycling their ferrous scrap metals. Why not reduce the amount of waste in your skids and containers, and get some cash from that trash?

If you are an owner or manager of a business producing ferrous scrap metals, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Mann Metals by email or phone and let us explain how selling your scrap can benefit your bottom line! We can also discuss proving containers and pick-up for larger amounts of scrap.

Which Businesses Can Recycle?

recycling auto parts for scrap metal

Even the most creative small business owners think about scrap metals recycling as being a great idea for factories, foundries, and mega-business, but impractical for the small or medium sized business.

We at Mann Metals think recycling is a great idea for businesses of every size!

Consumers look for painless ways to “go green.” Advertising that you recycle scrap metal attracts those eco-friendly consumers! Just think, savings in overhead, AND you get paid for waste. Recycling has a lot to offer; more customers and additional revenue. It just makes cents to recycle: Dollars and cents!

What businesses can recycle scrap metals?

We can think of a ton of examples! Auto repair shops, welders, and machinists collect scrap in their day-to-day work. Contractors, builders, HVAC install/repair shops, and plumbers work with metals, too. There are others that could recycle, too. Hospitals, clinics, and dentists can recycle unused x-ray film (at least 4×6). Lighting stores, appliance dealers, computer sales and repair shops all handle broken/worn metal items, or products damaged in shipping. Each year schools and universities evaluate equipment and furniture for replacement. Fill a dumpster with broken desks or obsolete cables just to pay to haul them away? Why not collect and sell it?

Make waste work for you!

For small amounts of scrap metal, a bin brought to Mann Metals is easy, and the dollars recovered for “trash” add up. For large amounts of scrap metals, contact us about providing containers and pick-up.


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