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Brass is a metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. Because it’s made of two very soft metals found near the earth’s surface, it was one of the earliest alloys that humans began to make, along with bronze. Archaeologists believe that ancient Romans were the first to make and use brass around 3,000 BC.

Brass is a soft, easily molded, acoustically interesting, and beautifully shiny yellow metal. With all these strengths, brass has many uses including musical instruments, decorative fixtures, keys, sparkless fittings near flammable substances, and piping.

Mann Metals Corp. purchases several types of brass scrap for recycling. The brass is melted down and re-worked to create new brass objects. Please contact us if you aren’t sure which type of brass you have.

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  • Yellow Brass: This is an American term for brass that has 33% zinc.
  • Red Brass: Also known as copper alloy C23000, which is composed of 14–16% zinc, 0.05% iron and lead, and the rest of the allow is copper.
  • Bronze: A common name for gunmetal, this is a copper/tin/zinc alloy with 85% copper, 5% tin, 5% lead and 5% zinc.
  • Ampco Bronze: This is a brand name for AMPCO Metal SA’s products which are specialty copper alloys used for corrosion resistance, sparkless fittings, molds, welding, and other uses.
  • Auto Radiators: Most auto radiators contain brass alloys, and we do purchase scrap auto radiators.

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