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Winter storms are coming!

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Plan ahead for your business or home in the rough weather season coming up. Make sure outdoor furniture is stored or secured, trim damaged or overhanging branches and trees, and do a sight check of your roof, siding, fencing, and outdoor areas to ensure your home or business is in good shape for high winds, heavy snow, hail, and ice.

If you do incur damage this season, consider easing the financial hit by selling the damaged metal items for scrap. Your dented aluminum siding, metal roofing, crushed fencing, pounded patio furniture and other metal items could be worth top prices at Mann Metals Corp. Don’t fill roll-off containers with valuable scrap! Sell it and recoup some of your losses.

We hope you sail through the winter storm season untouched, but if you don’t, keep our contact info for when you may need more information about selling and recycling your scrap metals.

If our blog articles have been useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!


Trucking/Logistics Scrap Metal

Truck scrap metal buyingDoes your Trucking/Logistics company pay a hefty fee each month for waste removal? Or perhaps you feel you are not getting the best price on your scrap metal from one of our competitors? Mann Metals Corp. can help. We accept a wide variety of scrap metals from ferrous truck and container parts, to catalytic converters and your company e-waste. Mann Metals offers competitive market prices, unparalleled customer service, prompt and reliable payment, and we can arrange a scheduled pickup of roll-off containers for customers with enough volume.

Contact us for more information about how Mann Metals Corp. can partner with you to recycle your scrap metals and e-waste. Help keep our environment cleaner, your customers happier, and your pocket full of cash! If our blog articles have been useful to you, please let us know when you contact us to discuss your scrap metal. Thanks!

Why Does the Price of Scrap Metal Fluctuate?

scrap metal pricesThe short answer is because the price of virgin metal fluctuates, influencing the price paid for scrap metals. When the cost of virgin metal rises, the price of the scrap metal also goes up. Recycled metal costs less to produce than virgin metal, and thus becomes more desirable and carries a higher price when demand for a particular metal is higher.

Like all commodities, metal prices change with supply and demand, and the cost of production. For instance, the price of copper rises sharply during a housing boom, because builders demand record amounts of copper pipe and wiring to build millions of new homes. In a housing bust, the price of copper drops, rebounding when the housing market recovers.

The price of rarer imported metals can change because of politics and importation costs with countries such as China or Russia. When they raise their export taxes or costs, Americans must pay more for the metals they import. When favorable trade agreements are made, the cost of those metals decrease.

The greatest influence on metal prices is the price of fuel. Almost all metals require high heat to make basic industrial products such as sheet metal, wire, rods, and bars. Most foundries use natural gas, coal, or electricity to produce that heat, and when fuel costs go up, so does the cost of the metals.

For scrap metal pricing, or for information on containers and pick-up, please contact Mann Metals.


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