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Spring Fix-ups Can Mean Money in Your Pocket!

recycle springHome improvements can be expensive, and it’s the time of year many families are thinking of updating their homes and planning for warmer weather. Some of those same home improvements can generate cash in your hand from Mann Metals Corp!

We buy a variety of residential scrap metal, many of which are discarded in roll-off containers at job sites everywhere. Don’t throw away money! Recycle your discarded aluminum siding, gutters, doors, and patio furniture. Simply remove and discard any glass, and bring the metal to Mann Metals, where we pay fair market value promptly. It’s easy, and can take the sting out of the cost of a remodel.

Remodeling the interior of your home? We recycle various lighting equipment (no glass), insulated wiring, aluminum wiring, outdated furnace and air conditioning ducts and motors, and even some older appliances and stainless steel or cast iron fixtures. Contact us, we’re happy to tell you exactly what we do and do not purchase for recycling.

When you think spring fix-ups, don’t forget to plan to recoup some of the cost by selling your scrap metal to Mann Metals Corp!

If our blog articles have been useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!

What Can You Do with Your Scrap Metal Money?

We know that both our residential and commercial customers could put the money they’ll get from selling their scrap metal to very good use. Mann Metals Corp provides top prices and prompt payment for all your scrap metal.

Here’s some ideas on what you could do with those scrap metal dollars!

Business owners could…

  1. Advertise! Purchase an ad for your business about how you’re going greener.
  2. Get creative. Order custom signage that shows that your shop recycles.
  3. Be practical. Use the extra cash to improve the business
  4. Boost morale! Create a “Take your employees to lunch” day!
  5. Boost productivity. Upgrade your tools, computer, or coffeemaker!
  6. Get proactive. Start a “rainy day” fund for the business.

Residential customers could…

  1. Be parental. Add it to your children’s college funds
  2. Be extravagant. Holiday fund…better presents for everyone, even you!
  3. Get creative. Pay for lessons you’ve always wanted to learn; French, piano, or scuba diving!
  4. Get busy. Create a bucket-list fund, and DO the items on your list. Skydiving anyone?
  5. Be proactive. Start a “rainy day” fund, or take action on a needed home repair.
  6. Be practical. Add to your retirement fund.

Mann Metals Corp buys and recycles all kinds of scrap metals found in homes and businesses everywhere. Please contact us to find out more.

Please let us know if you like our blog or if it’s been helpful to you!

Landscapers Cut Costs by Selling Scrap to Mann Metals

Landscaping isn’t the first business you think of when you consider who has scrap metal that could be sold and recycled. But as many of these professionals can tell you, you’d be surprised at what they remove from an average job!

Insulated copper wire, the excess coiled underground, has to be removed when digging. Old cast iron or chain link fencing being replaced must go. Cast iron pipes, steel well covers, and all kinds of scrap can be found even on residential jobs. Commercial jobs can involve pulling appliances off of lots where they’ve been dumped, and who knows what you’ll find moving earth on a commercial site. Often, your contract with your customer states that you are responsible for removing the plant and earth debris, and the scrap metals. Much of that metal is recyclable, and Mann Metals will buy it from you.

Don’t pay your own hauling bill to throw money away or leave it in a customer’s dumpster or roll-off! Larger amounts of old fencing, pipes and insulated wiring can be picked up by us in one of our containers. Collect even the smaller scraps in a bin in your truck or van, and then bring it on down to Mann Metals to sell. This economy means no one wants to waste a possible revenue source. Sell your scrap to Mann Metals weekly, monthly or quarterly. Every dollar counts!

For small amounts of scrap metal, loading the scrap into a pick-up and bringing it to Mann Metals is easy, and the dollars recovered for “trash” add up. For large amounts of scrap metals, contact us about providing containers and pick-up service. If our blog articles have been useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!


The interest in “green” construction has risen sharply over the last 10 years, with more and more consumers looking for energy-efficiency in commercial and residential building systems and appliances, renewable resources in their building products, and even contractors with eco-friendly policies and records. Selling your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal from demolition is easy with Mann Metals, and doing so can help you tap into the environmentally conscious market!

Unless you specialize in new builds, part of your revenue comes from demolition as well as construction. To the average consumer, demolition carries connotations of waste and destruction, but when you make reclaiming and recycling metals a part of your demo plan, you create the opportunity to market your corporate responsibility, “green” policies, and environmental respect. Selling the scrap metals from the demo phase of a job can return a little cash to your pocket, and attract a new customer base. It’s a double benefit!

Assure your customers that your company is going greener and partnering with Mann Metals to keep old wiring, plumbing, fixtures, lighting, and metal structural components OUT of local landfills. Boast your total tonnage recycled, square footage of landfill saved, and about your environmental consciousness.

Contact Mann Metals for more information about containers and pick-up service for larger amounts of scrap metals, and for lists of what we purchase. If our blog articles have been useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!


Mann Metals provides top prices and prompt payment.

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