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Electricians Lower Expenses by Recycling with Mann Metals

scrap-wiringElectricians produce scrap wiring and metals no matter how carefully they spec their jobs or measure materials. It’s a cost of doing business. Plus, there’s scrap when you pull old wiring and boxes out to replace them. Most homeowners and businesses want you to get rid of the mess for them, too. Much of the scrap is copper or aluminum, and a little comes from electronics. Almost all of it is recyclable, and Mann Metals will buy it from you.

Don’t throw money away or leave it in a customer’s dumpster or roll-off! You’ve paid good money for that scrap wire, and your sweat and muscles have pulled that old wiring out. Rather than toss it in the trash, collect even the smaller scraps in a bin in your truck or van, and then bring it on down to Mann Metals to sell. No small business owner can afford to throw money away. Recover some of the materials costs and sell the scrap to Mann Metals weekly, monthly or quarterly. In this economy, every cent you save is a cent you’ve got in your pocket!

For small amounts of scrap metal, loading the scrap into a pick-up and bringing it to Mann Metals is easy, and the dollars recovered for “trash” add up. For large amounts of scrap metals, contact us about providing containers and pick-up service. Mention our blog the next time you visit Mann Metals, let us know what you think.


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