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Go Greener & Save Money This Year!

Happy New Year!

Have you resolved to go greener this year?

Save money?

Grow your business and attract new clients and customers?

Don’t let those plans slide away from you in 2012. Let Mann Metals be an important part of keeping your resolutions!

Going greener: Recycle what you can. Most cities have collection for paper, plastic, and glass. We buy recyclable metals. Copper, stainless steel, aluminum, x-ray film (see size limit), nickel, cast iron, plus e-waste like computers, printers, motherboards, cell phones, and phone systems. Individuals can feel good about keeping their eco-friendly resolutions. Businesses can advertise to consumers about being a “greener” company this year.

Save money: Tossing recyclable metals is like throwing money in the garbage. The leftover copper wire cluttering up your shop, the old cast iron sink in the garage, and the outdated computers and broken printers in your office closet are worth money. A penny saved is a penny earned, and who doesn’t count pennies these days? Sell your scrap metal and avoid cluttering the landfill with items that could earn you cash. Contact Mann Metals for questions, or for pick-ups of larger amounts of scrap metal.

Grow your business and attract new clients and customers? Really? Yes! Consumers care about the environment, and many prefer companies that are eco-friendly and eco-aware. When you sell scrap to Mann Metals, you’re not just money-smart, you can advertise that you’ve recycled to attract “green” customers to your business. Advertise with pride: You recycle!

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