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Happy New Year!

Happy New YearIt’s the season to recover from the holiday rush, and to set new goals and resolutions for the coming year. You’re doing it in your business and at home.

Looking for a New Year’s marketing angle? Mann Metals Corp can help you go green by recycling scrap metal, wiring, x-ray film, electronics, etc. We offer top prices on scrap, so you can go green by selling your scrap for recycling, while you put extra money in your budget. Eco-friendly customers will love it! Put a sign on your door, by the register, and a note in your next ad.

Wondering what kind of post-holiday promotion might bring in customers? Why not offer a “Buy new, recycle old” program? Buy a new computer, light kit, water heater, car part, fence, patio set, and recycle the old one? Customers who are going green may be willing to drive a little farther, or pay a little more to feel better about their disposal choices. Your company becomes the hero, and you keep the cash for the scrap metal!

Are you resolving to go greener or cutting the clutter at home? Ferrous metals, aluminum, e-waste, brass, and more can be brought to Mann Metals Corp and sold for top prices. We then recycle the metals, saving those unwanted items from the local landfill.

Contact us for more information about whether your business qualifies for a container and scheduled pick-up service, and for more information on current scrap prices.

Mention our blog the next time you visit Mann Metals Corp. Let us know what you think.



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