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Partnering with Local Electricians and Contractors

scrap-wiringMann Metals Corp. is partnering with local Electricians and Contractors to go greener, save on overhead costs, and increase profits. It’s a partnership with cash benefits to smart entrepreneurs!

More customers than ever are looking for contractors who are “going green” with both materials and practices. Attract those eco-minded customers, and market yourself as a contractor who recycles and takes care of the environment.

All Contractors and Electricians produce some scrap wiring and metals no matter how carefully they plan and measure. It’s an overhead cost you can count on. And you don’t just have a little new materials  scrap on new builds, but demo scrap adds up when pulling old wiring and boxes to make room for replacements. Often, as primary contractors and skilled tradesmen, you end up having to agree to remove the mess from both residential and commercial customers…that adds up to hundreds in hauling fees throughout the year. Much of those fees is for hauling scrap metals, which Mann Metals Corp. will pay top prices for.

If you’re an electrician or contractor in Walled Lake, Commerce, Novi, Troy, Wixom, or West Bloomfield, don’t throw money away or leave it in a customer’s dumpster or roll-off! Toss a bin in your truck and save even the smaller scraps to bring down to a fellow local business to sell it. No small business owner can afford to throw money away. Recover some of your materials costs and sell your scrap to Mann Metals Corp. weekly, monthly or quarterly. Every penny counts!

For small amounts of scrap metal, bring it in yourself to Mann Metals Corp. is easy, and quick, and we pay top prices for it. For large amounts of scrap metals, contact us about providing containers and pick-up service. Mention our blog the next time you visit Mann Metals Corp., let us know what you think.



Winter storms are coming!

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Plan ahead for your business or home in the rough weather season coming up. Make sure outdoor furniture is stored or secured, trim damaged or overhanging branches and trees, and do a sight check of your roof, siding, fencing, and outdoor areas to ensure your home or business is in good shape for high winds, heavy snow, hail, and ice.

If you do incur damage this season, consider easing the financial hit by selling the damaged metal items for scrap. Your dented aluminum siding, metal roofing, crushed fencing, pounded patio furniture and other metal items could be worth top prices at Mann Metals Corp. Don’t fill roll-off containers with valuable scrap! Sell it and recoup some of your losses.

We hope you sail through the winter storm season untouched, but if you don’t, keep our contact info for when you may need more information about selling and recycling your scrap metals.

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Printing Shops Save Money with Mann Metals

Owners and managers of Printing and Lithography shops may not know that they can recycle aluminum litho plates. The aluminum in the plates can be extracted, and aluminum is highly recyclable. Recycled aluminum is less expensive to produce, and in demand. Mann Metals will buy it at top local prices.

Why bother to collect and sell used plates?

Many shops find that it’s simple and easy, and selling their used plates is a way to recover some of their overhead costs, reduce waste costs, and go greener. Smaller shops designate a plate recycling bin and when it fills up, they bring it in to Mann Metals, Corp. for the best scrap prices in cash. Shops that do a high volume of business with a large amount of weekly or monthly scrap can contact Mann Metals for information on our containers and regular collection. Money saved and one more way to call your shop eco-friendly!

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How can you turn payment defaults into cash?

Storage facilities are a popular way to reduce clutter and store seasonal items, and many store-your-own companies have found a home here in Michigan. While account defaults are relatively rare, it does happen. What do you do with the contents of abandoned units? Auctioning the contents looks great on TV, but in reality, the auctioneer gets paid first and the storage company has to take a percentage of the real value. Why shouldn’t your company benefit to help recoup your lost income?

Much of the contents of the average unit is recyclable, reclaimable scrap metal worth cash at Mann Metals Corp.! From Christmas lights and old/broken power tools, to auto parts and outdated electronics, Mann Metals is happy to pay top prices on all kinds of scrap metals. Contact us for a full list of what we buy and recycle.

Whether your company has one facility and you drop by with a bin or pick up truck, or your facility can collect enough scrap for a container and regular collections, Mann Metals Corp. wants to help you get the most money possible out of those abandoned units.

If our blog articles have been useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!


Autumn Home or Business Improvements

Recycle HVACIt’s that season again. The weather is cooling off, and the projects around your home or business are getting bigger. Are you preparing for the coming winter storms? They’ll be here before you know it, running up your heating bills and doing damage to older siding and windows.

Mann Metals Corp. would love to purchase your old scrap aluminum siding, fencing, windows, hvac system, or water heater. Contact us to find out if we recycle what you would normally throw away. We pay top prices for scrap metals!

And if you’re planning to replace your aluminum or cast iron fencing or patio furniture in the spring, why not start saving for it now? We pay cash for scrap aluminum and ferrous metals. Save money, save the environment, and start saving for more home or business improvements now.

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Restaurant Supply Equipment

Stainless Steel Recycling Restaurant Supply CompaniesMany Restaurant Supply companies offer a bargain to customers removing older equipment when they replace it with their purchase of shiny new pieces. Are you looking to increase your market share by doing the same? Mann Metals Corp. can be a great resource for your business. We accept all sorts of stainless steel countertops, tables, cabinetry and appliances for environmentally sustainable recycling. Add that “green” message to our competitive market prices, prompt and reliable payments, and our ability to arrange roll-off containers and pickups for larger volumes of scrap metals, and you can see why we are the right scrap metal recycler for your business!

Contact us for more information about how we can effectively partner with your Restaurant Supply business today!

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