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Selling Scrap Metal is Good for Your Business

Mann Metals knows that by selling scrap metal for recycling, you can advertise to customers that you’re more eco-friendly, more green. This target audience of “green” consumers may be especially hard to reach if your industry isn’t known for eco-consciousness! Auto-body shops, contractors, plumbers, and other businesses want a greener, cleaner image to attract those eco-friendly customers.

Need ideas on how to get the word out? Read on!

Put a simple card on your window or counter: “We Recycle” or “Going Greener: Ask us how!” Use recycled paper or cardstock if possible…but a simple note to customers that you make the effort to recycle is meaningful.

Have a website or blog? Send emails or newsletters? Add an article about your efforts to go greener, and make sure you mention all your efforts: recycling scrap metal; using less paper, energy and water; and purchasing greener products. We’re all reducing, reusing, and recycling. Tell customers about it!

When advertising, simply add the phrase “We recycle.” It’s short, to the point, and is meaningful to consumers. Add the same simple phrase to the bottom of your estimate, invoices, business cards, and promotional materials. It informs and promotes loyalty.

Mann Metals is proud to be part of your efforts to go greener and save money. Please contact us to arrange pick-up of bulk scrap metal, or with any questions.

If our blog articles are useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!

Recycle Your Phone!

Remember when phones just made calls? With all the extra things phones do these days, and the constant innovations, many of us are replacing our old phones with new. Whether you’re talking home phone, office phone, or cell phones…there’s always a newer model that does even more for you or your business.

What are you planning to do with your obsolete phone, phone systems, or cell phones?

Mann Metals will buy your old phones for the scrap metals inside, and recycle them. So save your old phones, phone systems, even the wire! Box them up and bring them on down to us, and we’ll pay you for them. Don’t just chuck them in the dumpster! That’s the same as throwing cash away.

Worried about privacy? If your phone is still working, take a moment to delete contacts, stored caller ID information, and speed dial numbers. With cell phones, use the “delete all” function for both texts, numbers, and calls. DO make sure your information is transferred to your new phone BEFORE you delete from your old one! Now your information is gone, and you’re ready to recycle.

If you have a large phone system with many units and wiring to sell, contact Mann Metals to arrange pick up. Also, please contact us with any questions you have.

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Recycle Electric Motors at Mann Metals

When you think of recycling gadgets, most of us think of eWaste, such as computers, laptops, and printers. But Mann Metals also buys electric motors. There is copper, brass, and other metals inside these motors that can be recycled.

Electric motors have been around since the mid-1800’s and most of them, regardless of how broken, have metals that can be recovered. Your home or business may have more of them than you think!

  • Fans of all sizes
  • Small electric tools such as drills, presses, lathes, and saws
  • Drive motors for belts and rollers
  • Electric carts and scooters
  • Starter motors for autos
  • Motors in sewing machines, printing presses, and cutters
  • Drive motors for electric appliances such as dryers

In many cases, we’re interested in just the motor, not the whole machine…why chuck it into the dumpster if you can salvage a part to sell? Remove the motor, set it aside until you’ve collected a few, then bring them down to Mann Metals and sell them for cash.

Do you own a repair business? Or sell new electric tools, equipment, or appliances? Chances are, you have a collection already! We’d love to buy them from you. If you have a large volume, contact us about pick up, or if you have any questions about the motors we buy.

Mention our blog the next time you visit Mann Metals. Let us know what you think!

Go Greener & Save Money This Year!

Happy New Year!

Have you resolved to go greener this year?

Save money?

Grow your business and attract new clients and customers?

Don’t let those plans slide away from you in 2012. Let Mann Metals be an important part of keeping your resolutions!

Going greener: Recycle what you can. Most cities have collection for paper, plastic, and glass. We buy recyclable metals. Copper, stainless steel, aluminum, x-ray film (see size limit), nickel, cast iron, plus e-waste like computers, printers, motherboards, cell phones, and phone systems. Individuals can feel good about keeping their eco-friendly resolutions. Businesses can advertise to consumers about being a “greener” company this year.

Save money: Tossing recyclable metals is like throwing money in the garbage. The leftover copper wire cluttering up your shop, the old cast iron sink in the garage, and the outdated computers and broken printers in your office closet are worth money. A penny saved is a penny earned, and who doesn’t count pennies these days? Sell your scrap metal and avoid cluttering the landfill with items that could earn you cash. Contact Mann Metals for questions, or for pick-ups of larger amounts of scrap metal.

Grow your business and attract new clients and customers? Really? Yes! Consumers care about the environment, and many prefer companies that are eco-friendly and eco-aware. When you sell scrap to Mann Metals, you’re not just money-smart, you can advertise that you’ve recycled to attract “green” customers to your business. Advertise with pride: You recycle!

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Recycle X-ray Films

doctor looking at x-ray

Due to state and federal regulations, all hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and chiropractors must store their medical records for 5-7 years or more. When is the last time you purged your older records, scrap files, and expired film? Mann Metals recycles old xray films larger than 4×6, to recover the silver, and pays you or your office cash for the old film.

Old xray film is quite heavy, takes up a lot of storage space, and is not readily dealt with by shredding or other normal office procedures. Create more space, de-clutter your office space, and rest assured that your old and unusable Xray films have been properly destroyed in accordance with HIPPA.

Contact Mann Metals, and we’ll either arrange pick up for a large amount of xray film, or let you know how and where to bring your old xray film to us for recycling. We can provide a certificate of destruction so that you remain HIPAA compliant, as well.

Many hospitals, clinics, dental and chiropractic offices are going greener, and cashing in on their clients’ desire to remain eco-friendly. As a part of going “greener”, you can assure your patients and clients that you recycle whenever, and whatever possible.

Contact Mann Metals today, to recycle your old xray film!

If our blog articles have been useful to you, please let us know when you bring in your scrap metal. Thanks!

Remodeling? Consider Recycling in Your Plans

Winter is the time to plan your home and business improvements, and home and business owners all across Michigan are making plans for improvements to the buildings and properties they own. When you think about remodeling or updating, you consider so many factors; price, mess, improved value, ease of use, and tax benefits, to name a few. Don’t forget to factor in recycling as you plan.

When a building or property is demolished, or when it is prepared for construction work, many recyclables can be involved. Mann Metals buys scrap metal, including copper wiring, sheet metal, cast iron, brass, aluminum, copper, and nickel. Many of these scrap metal categories are found when owners demolish or prepare buildings and properties for construction. Don’t junk that stuff until you ensure it’s not worth cash in your pocket!

Even turning new ground can yield scrap metal. Many older construction companies coiled excess copper wire or used cast iron or copper pipes and buried them underground decades ago. Contact us to find out what’s worth money as scrap metal. Save your container for true trash, and cash in on your scrap metals instead of paying to have it removed.

Contact Mann Metals to find out if the scrap metal you have is worth money. For large amounts, we can arrange pick up, and for smaller amounts, it’s still worth bringing to us yourself. You wouldn’t toss money into the dumpster, right? So don’t junk that scrap metal, either!

Like our blog? Want to see a particular topic? Tell us about it the next time you bring in your scrap metals!


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